Posted by: James Wapotich | October 26, 2009

Manzana Narrows

Recently a friend of mine hiked the trail from NIRA to Manzana Narrows.

Water report is pretty much as you predicted. Nothing at all until 2 miles or so above Fish Creek, when the trail comes back down to the river from the south-facing ridges, about 4 miles in — 4 very long, uphill, hot miles, in our case. It was over 90 degrees that Friday [Oct. 16], and I was carrying 60 pounds. Not fun, at times. Once we got to the 4 mile mark, tons of water from the upper Manzana, to somewhere above the Narrows. We bushwhacked up the creek as far as it was passable, and while the flow was reduced higher up, it was still flowing. There were 14 CCC folk staying at the Narrows camp, so we stayed down at Manzana camp, and had it entirely to ourselves, which was wonderful.”

If you have a trail report I’d love to hear it:

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