Posted by: James Wapotich | March 3, 2010

North Tunnel Trail

Hiked the “North Tunnel Trail” Sunday [Feb. 28] down to the junction between the trail to Matias Potrero and the trail through Devil’s Canyon to the Santa Ynez River just below Gibraltar Reservoir. This is clearly a trail that is not used much, overgrown in sections, however the trail itself is easy to follow. The plants and topography are quite similar to the Forbush Trail minus the stopover camp that is Forbush Flats. I’ve hiked this trail up from the Santa Ynez River and that is definitely the more interesting section of this trail, following the creek as it does and then opening up into grassy hillsides before making the long climb up to Camino Cielo. None the less a full day’s hike from Camino Cielo to the river and back would make for a great work out, especially when Paradise Rd. is closed at the first crossing. To get to this trail take Gibraltar Rd. and stay with it as it veers left and joins into East Camino Cielo Rd.. The traihead is the only dirt road on the right before La Cumbre Peak. This is also the turn off for the dirt road (gated) that leads down to Gibraltar Dam.

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