Posted by: James Wapotich | March 12, 2012

Santa Barbara Backpackers’ Roundtable

I’ll be hosting a Backpackers’ Roundtable, Wednesday, March 28th, 7-9PM at Broder Hall at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

This is an informal get together of people who have backpacked in the Southern Los Padres National Forest and are interested in swapping stories about the places they’ve seen and would like to visit.

If you’re interested in attending let me know so I can have a sense of how many will be there. You can email me at

Santa Barara Hike Trail Backpacking Los Padres National Forest

Broder Hall is a small building located across Mission Creek. To get there go through the main entrance and cross Mission Creek using one of the foot bridges. If you need me to send you a copy of this map as a PDF let me know. You can also click on this image to make it larger.
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Broder Hall

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