Posted by: James Wapotich | December 24, 2013

Montecito Trails Foundation Map Update

Earlier this year I helped the Montecito Trails Foundation with an update of the trail map they provide to their members. The map covers from Gibraltar Road east to the Franklin Trail, and from East Camino Cielo south to the ocean, roughly the same area that is maintained by the Montecito Trails Foundation.

Montecito Trails Foundation Map Santa Barbara hike


In its work the Montecito Trails Foundation also advocates on behalf of trail users and actively works with the county and other stakeholders to develop, open and protect local trail easements.

The map was produced by and includes pictures and descriptive notes by yours truly. On the map you’ll find trails not found on any other map, including a surprising number of trails in the lowlands of Montecito and Summerland.

The map is available just in time for the New Year. To become a member of the Montecito Trails Foundation and support the trail maintenance work and advocacy they do go to Basic membership is $35 and includes a free map and other benefits.


  1. Thanks James, new map of Montecito Trails is a treat, especially during this season when the hiking is best. Want some publicity in Condor Call?

    • John, I’m sure MTF would appreciate that. Suggest you contact Bobbi King and coordinate with her. If you email jwapotich at yahoo dot com I’ll put you in touch.

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