Posted by: James Wapotich | October 22, 2014

Nature as Oracle

santa barbara nature vision quest trail


Nature As Oracle

In its wild state, the land can provide an unbroken connection back to the beginning of time. The native plants and animals, even the rocks and mountains have paths that lead from where they are now back through time to the mystery of creation.

Time spent on the land and in nature can serve as a powerful touchstone for reconnecting with our own origins and our own place in the larger world around us.

On Sunday, November 16th, I will be offering a one-day retreat on the land with my friend Maya Shaw Gale.

Since the time of the ancient ones, men and women have journeyed into nature to seek guidance and insight. Today, more than ever, we need to step outside the narrow trance of our intellect, technology and social structures to reconnect to the more expansive intelligence of the natural world. By slowing down and becoming receptive to the non-human realms, we open ourselves to a larger collective wisdom. Nature as mirror, metaphor and teacher can reveal to us our own true nature, and give us a direct experience of the sacred web of life we are part of.

Join us on the trails for a one-day journey out on the land and see what wisdom finds you through:

  • Body/mind & mindfulness practices that expand perception and awareness
  • A “vision quest” structure for seeking guidance
  • 3.5 mile roundtrip trail hike
  • Council circle sharing & shamanic teachings
  • An embodied experience of eco-community & interconnectedness


Maya Shaw Gale is a Mind/Body Wellness Coach and poet, and leads workshops on Embodied Mindfulness, Creative Writing and Ecopsychology. (805) 882-1393

James Wapotich is the co-founder of Revelation Dreamwork, a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger with the Los Padres National Forest, and leads trips and retreats into our local backcountry. (805) 729-4250

1-day retreat is $75 per person – for more information regarding the hike contact Maya or James

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