Posted by: James Wapotich | April 7, 2018

Trail Quest: The Trails of Edgar B. Davison, Part 2

Edgar Davison was one of the first forest rangers in our local area, serving in the Pine Mountain and Zaca Lake Reserve from 1898 until he retired in 1909.

His patrol area included the trails along the north side of Figueroa Mountain down to and including Manzana Creek. He headquartered in the cabin formerly used by C.E. Munch who homesteaded in Sunset Valley. Davison also built a cabin in Fir Canyon, which he used when working the trails in that area.

This article covers the loop hike that can be made along Munch Canyon, Sunset Valley, and White Rock Trails. A map of the trails around Figueroa Mountain can be found here on the Los Padres National Forest website.

Article appears in section A of the April 2nd, 2018 edition of Santa Barbara News-Press.

Older articles can be seen by scrolling down or using the search feature in the upper right corner. Articles from the News-Press appear here a couple months after they appear in the paper.

Big Flat Munch Canyon Trail hike Sunset Valley Davy Brown Campground Edgar Davison Los Padres National Forest

“Big Flat” along Munch Canyon Trail


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