Posted by: James Wapotich | November 5, 2018

Trail Quest: Montañon Peak, Santa Cruz Island

Montañon Ridge Peak hike eastern Santa Cruz Island trail Channel Islands National Park

Montañon Ridge is seen from the trail

Currently working on a series of articles on the Channel Islands. During the last ice age, roughly 20,000 years ago, the sea level was 300-400 feet lower, and the four islands off our coast – Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel – were part of one larger, single island called Santarosae. Between 11,000 and 9,000 years ago, Santarosae was gradually broken into the four smaller islands we know today. The series will trace an imagined traverse across Santarosae east to west.

This week’s article is the first of three covering Santa Cruz Island and describes the hike to the top of Montañon Peak, which overlooks the eastern end of the island. The next article in the series will describe backpacking from Scorpion Anchorage over to Prisoner’s Harbor.

Article appears in section A of today’s edition of Santa Barbara News-Press

Older articles can be seen by scrolling down or using the search feature in the upper right corner. Articles from the News-Press appear here a couple months after they appear in the paper.

This article also represents the 300th Trail Quest article, since I first started writing the column, eight years ago. If you’d like to see that very first article, go to Trail Quest: Aliso Canyon.

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