Posted by: James Wapotich | June 1, 2019

Trail Quest: Sycamore Canyon Falls

Boney Mountain Ridge Satwiwa Natural Area Rancho Sierra Vista Open Space Point Mugu State Park hike trail Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Boney Mountain is seen from the trail

Made a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains a couple weeks ago to check out Sycamore Canyon Falls. Not much water in the falls, they’re best seen after a good rain.

I did however extend the hike up to the old cabin site. While I was hiking in I was struck by the beauty of Boney Mountain with its outcrops of volcanic rock and was wondering if there was a way to reach to the top. According to the maps I had, in order to get up on the ridge I would need to make a much bigger hike, more than I had time for.

But while I was at the cabin site, I noticed the trail kept going and decided to follow it to see where it lead. Along the way I passed a lone trail user, who said it went to the top of Boney Mountain Ridge and showed me the trail on her app. This longer hike was nine miles round trip, but included some great views, a good workout, and a chance to see part of the Woolsey Fire burn area and a different set of wildflowers.

Article appears in section A of the May 27th, 2019 edition of Santa Barbara News-Press.

Rancho Sierra Vista Danielson Monument old cabin site trail Point Mugu State Park Boney Mountain Wilderness Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

A chimney remains from the old cabin in Sycamore Canyon


  1. The upper area between Boney, TriPeaks and Sandstone Peak is one of my favorite hikes. If you start at Mishe Mokwa Trail you can do a 6.5 mile loop into the upper bowl that is filled with beautiful volcanic outcrops. I hiked there last Sunday and despite the fire, it is still beautiful and full of flowers, still.

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