Posted by: James Wapotich | May 31, 2022

 Hiking & Backpacking on the Channel Islands

Hiking & Backpacking on the Channel Islands

Free Online Presentation with Q&A

Thursday, June 9th, 5:30pm

During the last ice age, the four islands off our coast, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel, were all part of a single, larger island called Santarosae. This talk will highlight the hiking and backpacking opportunities on these four islands today, as well as describe an imagined traverse of the now submerged super island of Santarosae.

Join local author James Wapotich as he shares images and stories from hiking, backpacking, and camping on the four islands off our coast. James has hiked many of the trails on the islands and has visited all five islands within Channel Islands National Park. He is an experienced backpacker, trail guide, and author of the Santa Barbara News-Press hiking column, Trail Quest.

This talk is being live-streamed via Zoom. To register go to

This free online presentation is part of the Santa Barbara Public Library’s 2022 Book to Action series, which includes events and programs inspired by Island Visions, edited by Jacob Seigel Brielle and illustrated by Isaac Seigel-Boettner.

Their book features essays and infographics written by scientists, environmentalists, rangers, fisherman, and local outdoor enthusiasts and explores what is special about the Channel Islands and why it’s important to conserve the environment and cultural significance of this unique place.

The Book to Action series aims to help residents appreciate and understand the ecology, geography, and history of the Channel Islands and our local oceans waters and inspire collective action and engagement on environmental issues.


  1. Hi James ~ looks like a great talk, thank you so much – I hope to be able to join in! Also looking forward to in person talks in the future ?? ~Sonia ________________________________

    • Hi Sonia, no timeline yet from the Library when they’ll return to large in person gatherings. I will be offering some in person classes in the fall.

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